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How to clean explosion-proof vibration motor?

Explosion-proof vibration motors should generally be cleaned and refueled after 2,000 hours of use. There are two ways to clean bearings:
1. Hot oil cleaning method
Due to long-term use, bearings hardened by soft dry oil or anti-rust paste should be immersed in thermal engine oil at 100-200°C, clamp the bearing with pliers, and use a brush to clean the oil stains on the bearing. Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste melts when heated to 100-200°C and is easily washed out from the gaps in the bearing. Sometimes it is just a matter of shaking the bearing in oil several times. Oil dirt will also flow away from the gaps.
When cleaning the radial spherical bearings of old motors or imported motors, the balls, ball frames, and inner rings should be turned laterally out of the outer ring and then immersed in hot oil. When cleaning short cylindrical roller bearings, the rollers should also be cleaned. , the bead frame, inner ring and outer ring are detached. During hot oil cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20°C.

2. General cleaning method
Soak the bearing in kerosene for 5-10 minutes, hold the inner ring with one hand, and rotate the outer ring with the other hand. The dry oil or anti-rust paste on the bearing will fall off. Then put the bearing into cleaner kerosene, scrub with a soft brush to clean the oil in the balls and gaps, then put it into gasoline to clean it once, take it out and put it on clean paper. When cleaning radial spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings, the balls, ball frames, inner rings and outer rings should be separated and cleaned.
The bearings installed on the shaft are mainly cleaned by spraying oil or spraying with an oil gun. The oil stains that are easy to be cleaned are first washed with kerosene and then gasoline; the oil stains that are difficult to be cleaned are first rinsed with 100-200°C hot engine oil. Or spray with an oil gun, and then clean with gasoline. Be careful not to use sharp tools to scrape hardened grease or rust on the bearings to avoid damaging the smoothness of the bearing rolling elements and groove rings. Clean the explosion-proof vibration motor bearings and wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
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