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What are the advantages of Low profile screen machine in powder production lines?

The Low profile screen machine can carry out simple safety screening and precise classification of powder or granules. The more common applications are the production lines of flour, washing powder, rice flour, graphite powder, metal powder, etc. This article will introduce you to the in-line sieve in the powder production line The advantages.

1. Improve the quality of powder products
Whether it's a small artisanal bakery or a large industrial flour mill, inline sifters are used to safely remove contaminants and lumps from powders.

2. Large output
The inlet and outlet are designed in the same vertical direction, and the large flow outlet at the bottom allows the material to be discharged directly, reducing the residence time of the material on the screen surface. The data shows that the processing capacity of the straight row sieve is 2-5 times that of the ordinary circular vibrating screen.
3. No dust
The Low profile screen machine  can be directly used in the pipeline in series to remove foreign matter and impurities in the pipeline, without manual operation, good air tightness, and the powder does not fly. It can be directly used in conjunction with the vacuum feeder to achieve negative pressure and dust-free operation.
4. Easy to clean
Quick disassembly without any tools and easy cleaning, thus increasing productivity and avoiding any chance of cross-contamination between batches.
3. Small footprint
Compact size, small footprint, in addition, the in-line screen motor is designed on one or both sides of the equipment (single-vibration source and double-vibration-source in-line screen can be selected according to actual needs), which reduces the height of the equipment, effectively utilizes the space, and meets Industrial and commercial needs, adaptable to any production line.
4. Easy to operate
In addition to its small footprint, the inline screen is completely portable, allowing one unit to be used at different locations in your plant.
The above is the introduction of the advantages of the in-line sieve in the powder production line. This large-capacity in-line sieve can be installed under the bulk silo to screen the powder safely, and it can also be pneumatically conveyed from the tank car or rail car receiving operation to Check incoming material after delivery and can also be installed in bakeries and food processing plants of all sizes. In addition, the in-line sieve can be used with the feeding station (dust-free feeding station) for unloading and inspecting small or extra-large bags of flour to avoid dust problems in sieving.
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