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Feed screening case - application of 40 mesh screen and rotating vibrating screen

This case involves a feed production factory, which needs to screen and classify raw materials to ensure the quality and particle size of the feed. In order to meet this demand, the company chose a rotary vibrating screen and equipped it with a 40-mesh screen.

The rotary vibrating screen is an efficient screening equipment that uses rotational motion and vibration force to screen and separate raw materials. The 40-mesh screen refers to 40 mesh holes per inch and has a moderate screen aperture, which is suitable for screening particle sizes in feed.

By using rotary vibrating sieve and 40-mesh screens, the company has achieved remarkable results. First, the screening efficiency is greatly improved, and fine particles are accurately separated, ensuring the quality and uniformity of the feed. Secondly, the rotary vibrating screen has a compact structure, takes up little space, and has strong adaptability. It can be integrated with the production line to improve production efficiency. In addition, rotating vibrating screens are relatively simple to clean and maintain, reducing production line downtime and maintenance costs.

Through this case, we can see the important role of rotating vibro screener in feed screening and classification. Our production plant will continue to be committed to developing and producing high-quality rotary vibrating screens to provide customers with more screening application cases.
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