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Spices Vibrating Screen

Condiments mainly refer to herbs and spices. The general process of production mainly is material selection - sorting - drying - ingredients - sterilization - pre-mixing - mixing - screening - inner packaging - outer packaging - finished product.

The function of spices special vibration screen choosing standard sieving machine is to remove impurities or sort materials with different particle sizes and then pack them.

Main Features

1.The amplitude of the series of rotary vibrating screens and the movement trajectory of the materials can be adjusted according to the needs of the production process, and can be screened and filtered any particle, fine powder, slurry material.

2.it can not only be roughly classified, but also finely sieved or filtered.

3.The screening efficiency is high.

4.The outlet of the rotary vibrating screen can be arbitrarily set around the axis 360 degree, which is conducive to the arrangement of supporting equipment.

5.For production needs, it can be used in single or multiple layers, with a fully enclosed structure, no dust spillage, low noise, low energy consumption, and meets environmental protection requirements.

We tailor the most suitable rotary vibrating screen equipment for each user according to the needs of different users' material characteristics, processing capacity, screening purposes, site restrictions, production line configuration and other characteristics.

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