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Vibrating Sifter for flour

According to the client's request, they need to sieving the wheat flour, the mesh need #30, and they required to remove the impurities, they need to get1t/h capacity.

Before, they used this vibrating sieve, and before only need 500kg/h capacity, but from the contact with the client, the impurities in the product is very few, only 1% content, so it will be very easy sieving.  

According to his request and our other client's using experience, we recommend the following discharge flour sifter for him.
Model: DYS1200-1S
Equipment diameter: 1200mm
Sieve mesh size: #30
Equipment material: Contact materials parts SUS304, equipment base Carbon steel

Why we recommend the client to use flour sifter instead of the vibrating screen?
The two kinds of sieves are fed from the central opening of the upper end, but the rotary vibrating screen is discharged from the side, and the discharge vibrating sifter is discharged from the positive center of the lower edge of the screen.

For the raw materials:
The rotary vibration screen is more focused on fine screening, while the discharge vibrating sifter is more focused on the direct discharge of coarse mesh, with fast feeding and direct screening,that means during the same period, the discharge flour sifter will flow faster, and the capacity will also bigger.

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