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Linear Vibrating Screen for Organic Fertilizer

According to our experience with vibrating screen, we found that the linear vibrating screen is very effective in the application of organic fertilizer to remove impurities.

To choose a suitable vibrating screen first it is necessary to determine the mesh size to ensure that no organic fertilizer will be left on the screen when remove the impurities. If the mesh size is too large, it may be impossible to stop the impurities, but the mesh size is too small and the screening speed will decrease. 

We have customer use a sieve for testing, and finally determine that it is appropriate to use a 3mm mesh, the next step is to determine the model based on the processing capacity. The customer's expected throughput is 3-5t/h, the material moisture content is 15%, and the temperature when feeding is 60℃, we recommended customers use 825-1P linear vibrating screen. In addition, because the material has a certain moisture content, although the mesh is relatively large, it is still recommended to equip with a bouncing ball and use a stainless steel woven mesh with a relatively small wire diameter to facilitate net cleaning. At the same time, the screen surface is also made into an inclined angle of about 3°during production, which makes the material flow faster and reduces the phenomenon of network blocking.

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