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Rotary Sieve for Lead Powder Screening

Lead powder is a powder with different colors and can be divided into white and black. Different colors have different uses, which can be divided into industrial and medicinal. Industrial lead powder is usually used as a pigment, which can be used to make cosmetics or pencils. Lead powder in traditional Chinese medicine is basic lead carbonate processed with lead, which can be used for insecticide and detoxification. Lead powder is insoluble in water and can be turned into a powder by twisting it by hand. It can be used as a component of powder metallurgy oil-free lubricants. When mixed with film-forming materials, it can be used for anti-corrosion coatings.

Lead powder will turn black after encountering sulfur ions, and it can turn into water when burned in a closed tube. Lead powder is usually produced by ball milling. After grinding into powder, it can be filtered from the vibrating screen. The lead powder has 80 mesh to 300 mesh. The lead powder rotary sieve has a better sieve for materials below 300 mesh. Separation effect, so the use of lead powder rotary sieve can be screened.

Lead powder rotary vibrating screen is a light type vibrating screen, which is a relatively basic model in the vibrating screen series. Many materials can be screened with lead powder rotary screen. However, specific industries still need specific analysis, and different situations have different application models.

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