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Advantages of pneumatic grain suction machine

1. Compared with ordinary suction machines, it has high suction efficiency and high efficiency.

The pneumatic grain suction machine has a complete fan and frequency conversion control system, and adopts an advanced multi-channel air source control system and automatic adjustment device. The air volume of the fan can be adjusted arbitrarily; a negative pressure fan is used to convert excess wind pressure into power, thus greatly improving the material suction rate. The fan adopts imported fan and special reducer. It can meet the needs of wind power generation in industrial production, enterprise operations and the civil market.

2. It has the characteristics of large capacity, low power consumption, high energy consumption and easy maintenance.

This machine has a compact structure, stable operation and easy maintenance, and can be equipped with a dust recovery device. At the same time, the compressed air flow used by this machine is much larger than that of traditional grain suction devices. Its power consumption is only half of that of traditional grain suction devices. Under the same material conditions, both power consumption and energy consumption of this machine are much less than ordinary grain suction machines.

3. It has a high degree of automation, can realize remote operation, can realize automatic continuous operation, and is safe and reliable.
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