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Common problems and solutions for screw conveyors?

Screw conveyors, also known as auger conveyors and screw feeders, are classified into many types, including carbon steel and stainless steel materials, as well as shaft and non shaft, single shaft, double shaft, and multi shaft. They are composed of a shell, blades, auger shaft, motor, reducer, bearings, and other small accessories. When these accessories are combined together, it is inevitable to encounter some small problems when used, So how can we solve the problem based on the reasons to prevent this situation from happening again next time? Below, I will briefly introduce several reasons and solutions:

1. Drive motor burned out
Reason: There are hard blocks or small iron blocks mixed in the conveying material, causing the cutter to get stuck, causing a sharp increase in current and burning the motor; Excessive material, motor overload, heating and burning
① Prevent small iron blocks from entering;
② Maintain a certain gap between the blades and the casing;
③ Material balance;
④ Send all the materials before stopping the machine.
2. Screw conveyor casing shaking
Reason: During installation, the centerline of each spiral joint is not concentric. During operation, the eccentric jamming causes the shell to shake.
Align the centerline during reinstallation.
3. Excessive temperature rise of suspension bearings
Reason: Improper installation of the position; Abnormal friction of the connecting shaft caused by the mixing of hard large objects into the machine.
① Clean the foreign objects and test the machine until it is normal
② Adjusting the position of the suspension bearings
4. Overflow of screw conveyor
Reason: The material has high moisture, which accumulates on the spiral suspension bearing and gradually thickens, making it difficult for the material to pass through; Sundries in the material cause blockage of the spiral hoist bearing; The transmission device malfunctioned and was not detected in a timely manner
① Stop the machine and clean the debris inside
② Strengthen the drying of raw materials;
③ Stop the machine and repair the transmission device.
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