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Powder Material Feeding Method

The best feeding method of powdery materials has been plagued by engineering departments in various industries. We have been working hard on how to control dust pollution to the greatest extent. Airtight transportation of powdery materials has always been the best way to solve dust pollution.

The powder unpacking process is the most serious in powder leakage. Small bag opener machine and ton bag unloading machine are the best way to solve the problem. Due to the function of dust collector during unpacking, material dust can be avoided everywhere. The unpacking of the ton bag is completely enclosed and there is no dust.

There is also a lot of dust in the powder transportation link, if you want to completely solve the dust-free. The ideal way is pipeline transportation. The vacuum feeder adopts negative pressure for transportation, and no dust is generated, even if the joint is not tight, there will be no dust. However, due to the special shape of the powder, the material is often blocked and the pipeline is difficult to clean. Using PLC automatic control can realize intelligent feeding.
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